Swimming Pool Filtration



Engineered for both reliability and efficiency, FRP Sand Filtration Systems are the cornerstone of maintaining sparkling swimming pools. Crafted from Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), these systems boast exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of pool environments. Their UV-resistant surface ensures longevity and performance, even under prolonged sun exposure. Designed to handle the higher flow rates typically required in swimming pools, these systems are as efficient as they are robust. Equipped with a versatile six-way multi-port valve, they allow for seamless control and optimization of filtration processes, ensuring your pool water remains crystal clear and inviting throughout the seasons.


  • Starting from 5M3/Hr to High
  • Top Mount and Side Mount FRP Pressure vessels available.
  • 6 Position Multi Port Valve with a user friendly handle provides maximum
  • Internal design ensures that water is exposed to maximum sand surface area.
  • Combination water and sand drain for easy service.
  • High Quality Industrial in and out FRP makes the vessel extra strong and safe.

Alfa Aerosol FRP pool filters are crafted with the highest quality fiber glass and resin, ensuring exceptional durability and superior filtration performance. These heavy-duty pool filters incorporate cutting-edge filtration technology, making them the ideal choice for your pool.

Key Features:

Premium Construction: These pool filters are meticulously crafted using high-grade fiberglass and polyester resin with a Filament wound design, ensuring strength and longevity.

Even Water Distribution: The top diffuser feature guarantees an even distribution of water across the sand bed, optimizing filtration efficiency.

All-Weather Durability: Our pool filters are constructed from dependable, non-corrosive materials, making them suitable for use in all weather conditions, year-round.

User-Friendly Design: An easy-to-use water drain plug simplifies maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Versatile Operation: The multi-port valve provides the flexibility to select various filter settings with a straightforward lever action, making it effortless to customize your pool’s filtration process.


MODEL Type Max Flow M3/Hr Pipe Size (inch) Sand Required (kg)
450 Top / Side Mount 7.5 1.5 80
550 Top / Side Mount 11 1.5 150
650 Top / Side Mount 15 1.5 220
750 Top / Side Mount 22 2.0 250
900 Top / Side Mount 31 2.0 440
1100 Top / Side Mount 40 2.0 900
1200 Top / Side Mount 46 2.0 1300
1600 Top / Side Mount 52 2.0 2000

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